The world offers you comfort.
But you were not made for comfort.
You were made for greatness.

– Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

About eVocation

A vocation in the Roman Catholic tradition is an invitation, a call from God to live out your life in a particular way. seeks to provide resources to people on both sides of the Vocation Equation i.e. those who are considering the consecrated life and the congregations where they can join. Along with providing information to either group, we will also facilitate a greater connection and communication between the two groups.

In this context, the content on the site is divided into 2 main sections – for Seekers and for Congregations. is based in India and primarily addresses the issue from the Indian perspective. However, we have referenced content from around the world, and since the Church is universal, most of the content will be relevant to anyone discerning a call to the celibate and consecrated life. 


Seekers: Seek and Ye shall Find…

eVocation will provide you basic information and answer many of your questions regarding discernment, vocations and the options available.

Since there is already a lot of information available online, evocation has collated these existing resources based on topic. This site will likely be your first stop, your catch-all. We will guide you to other sites, books, articles etc. that give you more comprehensive and precise information in the area of your choice. We have sections for Men and Women, Resources and FAQs.

While the information here will be useful to anyone, we have a special concern for those who are discerning a little later in life i.e. after a professional course or after working for a while. These are sometimes called ‘late’ vocations and may find it more difficult to navigate this landscape.

We want to walk with you as you study, research and discern what God is calling you to do. If you think you need more personalized help or you would like to contact a specific congregation, we are happy to help. Mail us at

Above all, remember that God has been calling people over the centuries and He continues to do so. It may be unexpected and could seem somewhat scary but… remember what Pope St. John Paul II always said: “Be not afraid”.

Congregations: Knock and the Door shall Open…

eVocation wants to help congregations* in the area of vocation promotion. This would be in the areas of Information, Showcase and Consultancy Support.

Information: eVocation will provide current and relevant information on vocation promotion including trends, statistics, methods, tools, and resources.

Showcase: The times are changing rapidly and we need to change with them. Now, more than ever, the world needs visible signs of God’s presence in the world i.e. sisters, priests, celibates.

eVocation will feature different types of celibate/religious life, vocation stories, impact stories, etc. on its social media pages. If you have a member of your congregation who is doing inspiring work, mail us at and we’ll share his/her story.

Support: Over time, eVocation will also provide assistance to congregations on building a vocation promotion strategy, how to reach new target groups, incorporating new selection tools, etc.

Click through our different sections and visit our Resources page for more information. If you need more information or want something specific, please mail us at

St. Alphonsus Liguori, patron of vocations, ora pro nobis.

* For ease of communication, across the site, the word ‘congregation’ will be used to represent all kinds of religious congregations – active, contemplative, lay, clerical, secular institutes, etc. – even parishes and dioceses. 

Pope JohnPaul2

“It is for this reason that I wish to say this to all of you young people… In this important phase of the development of your personality as a man or a woman: if such a call comes into your heart, 

Do not silence it!

Let it develop into the maturity of a vocation! Respond to it through prayer and fidelity to the commandments!”

– Pope St. John Paul II to the Youth

About Me

Who am I?
My name is Rosemary and I am a management professional who currently works in the non-profit sector in the area of Healthcare. I worked in the corporate sector for over 5 years before shifting to the social sector. I have worked with the Catholic Network for over 11 years in various projects, with a significant amount of interaction with sisters and priests.

Why have I started this site?
At one stage of my life, I went through a process of discernment to find my vocation. At the time, it was very difficult to get relevant information and I was met largely with discouragement and dead-ends. God is still calling young people today. Due to various reasons, many people either don’t hear the call or are unable to respond to it. I hope eVocation will help people in their discernment process and walk with them as they discern their call in life, whatever that call maybe. eVocation will also strive to help congregations in their vocation promotion efforts, making it easier for people to access relevant information and make visible the life of those consecrated.

You can contact me at

Please note: We link to many articles and websites from While most of these sites are legit and in line with Catholic teaching, linking to an article does not imply endorsement of the whole site or all its articles. Please use your discretion and verify against the teachings of the Church where relevant.