For Congregations

“Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.” John 16 : 24

For Congregations* 


In today’s world, the consecrated life is very important, even critical. It is a visible sign of a total commitment to God.

Unfortunately, the number of vocations to this way of life seems to be reducing, partly because most people don’t seem to understand or know about the life of a priest or sister. Evocation seeks to fill this gap.

As a Vocation Promoter, it’s important to stay current and use methods that connect you to those who are seeking. It’s also important to learn from already existing programs.

Visit our Statistics section to get a sense of the data – in India and Internationally. Then visit our Vocation Promotion section to learn about some of the new trends and methods used that could help your parish / congregation. The Selection and Assessment Tools explains the importance of these tools and some examples of their use.

The Resources Section for Congregations might be most useful to you as it contains several links to existing programs, free material, books, etc., that can help any parish / congregation in Vocation Promotion.

Finally, if you are a consecrated person, write to us at and we would love to feature your story on our Blog or Instagram.

* For ease of communication, across the site, the word ‘congregation’ will be used to represent all kinds of religious congregations – active, contemplative, lay, clerical, secular institutes, etc. and will include even parishes and dioceses.

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