Options for Men

Christians together form an inner ring in their ethos, they are held together by a spirit of brotherly love

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Options for Men

If you are feeling called to live a life of celibacy, there are different options from which you can choose.

For men, there are four options: Priesthood, Brotherhood, Secular Institutes or Lay Consecration (Societies of Apostolic Life).

Go through the information and resources available in each area and see what feels right.

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Still have Questions

If you still have questions about discernment, the process, timing, etc., check out our FAQ page. If you have a question that isn’t covered there, mail us at info@evocation.org

Want to read up

Before looking at the options, if you want to read up a little more about vocations – in the Catechism, Church documents, Scripture etc., visit our Resources page.

If there is a question that isn’t covered in the FAQs or Resources, mail us at info@evocation.org and we’ll get you an answer.