Sr. Dr. Teresita Powath is a Gynaecologist / Obstetrician who has been working in Dumraon, Bihar for the past 25 years. We interviewed Sr. Teresita and asked her this question. Is it all sacrifice and difficulty?

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Text of the Video:

Is the Life of a Sister a life of sacrifice and difficulty?

Actually, life – you look at it the way you look at it – individual. Like for me now, I have lived only 15, 16 years in my home. The rest of it, I have lived in my community, in the congregation. And I can tell you I had a very fulfilling life and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I have enjoyed it. I have enjoyed life. I don’t have any regrets… I have had friends… I have had community experience… good and bad – yes, I don’t say everything was rosy. No. But even those, you know, you are able to enjoy when you look at why you have come here… and it was your choice. It was my choice. It was nobody else’s choice.

So you can look at it as: somebody can say ‘ohh, I have to obey every time… I am alone…’. And you can sit that way… then it is suffering for you. But if you look at it as ‘I have chosen this life and I want to live this life and I will live it to the fullest, then it’s a happy life. You enjoy… you should have enthusiasm… you should enjoy. Then it is good. Otherwise, not.